TFD35 Double scissor lift table

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350kg, 1.3m Height, Table:910x500mm

A popular Mobile scissor lift table with a 1.3 metre lift height

This popular mobile double scissor lift table can be used for
many applications and is particularly suited for use
as a feeding table on an assembly line.

Features include:
350kg capacity

Table top size: 910x500mm

Easy action foot operated hydraulic lift for raising
table top to desired height.

Hand operated table descent control.

Please click here to view the Health and Safety executive PDF leaflet 'Are you making the best use of lifting and handling aids?'

As a moveable material handling aid, this and all of our mobile lift tables can be used as and when needed, in any location around your factory floor. The double scissor lift table is fitted with wheels for ease of transportation around the warehouse or factory which can then be locked into position for safe use.

With a 350kb capacity and 1.3 m height, the TFD35 double lift table is sturdy and reliable. It is ergonomically designed to aid ease of use and can help to avoid repetitive strain injuries often associated with packing or loading by lifting materials to a comfortable work height.

Equipment such as this is known to increase productivity and efficiency on the factory floor.

If you have any other questions about the suitability of this product for your own individual requirements, you can also call our customer services team on 01274 408 888.

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